How long after the wedding will we wait before seeing our images?

Our standard wedding processing time is 4-6 weeks, but I love for you to have your images between 2-4 weeks after the wedding if at all possible. Perfection requires patience, but my goal is to get your images back as quickly as possible!


What is an engagement session and why do I need one?

Your engagement session is a chance to get to know one another. Why would you want a stranger showing up to your wedding?! I love getting to know my couples on a personal level. Engagement sessions also provide me with information about the types of images you like of yourself, how you respond to posing, and gives me a heads up for any changes I need to make when shooting the wedding. You only get married once, I want to make sure you LOVE your images!


How do we secure you for our wedding?

Contact me today: stefanie@photographybysmm.com or 803.994.9590 to check availability. We need to sign a contract and secure a retainer before your date is yours forever:)


Do you offer Rehearsal Dinner coverage?

Sure! For most couples, 2 hours will be more than enough coverage for a rehearsal dinner. Occasionally, one of my photography associates will photograph the rehearsal dinner if I am unavailable.


Do you retouch our photos?

Every image you are presented with is retouched. We define retouch as: individual color correction, sharpened, and cropped to ensure quality.  We want you to have only our best work.

If you choose to purchase an heirloom wedding album, we do additional retouching on the images that are used in the final design.

How many images can I expect to receive from our wedding coverage?

Depending on the coverage hours, most couples can expect between 500-800 images from their wedding.


Do we have the print rights to our images?

Yes! You have the print rights to all artistically edited images from your wedding day.


Can we give you a shot list to capture?

The short answer is no. We have a wedding day worksheet that goes through a timeline and has you list for us the immediate family members, and any unexpected moments (fireworks, sparkler exits, special guest appearances, etc…) and we will all meet one month prior to the wedding to confirm details. Since my style is more documentary/journalistic in nature, I prefer to spend my time capturing real moments as they happen instead of manufacturing them.  Also, when I spend time with my head buried in a list, I tend to not be able to capture the things happening in front of me.


Are you shooting images in color or black and white?

All digital images are shot in color and edited to black & white when appropriate. If an image was shot in black and white on film, that image will forever and always be black & white; there is no reversing that.


How many weddings per year do you shoot?

Last year, I shot about 25  weddings. This year I am on track to shoot 30.


Do you travel?

YES. I love to travel. If you’re having a wedding at one of my desired travel locations, contact me for a special rates. We have passports and LOVE to travel.

Do we get high resolution images?

High resolution images come standard in our regular packages.

We know you’re excited to see your images! We share sneak peeks shortly after the wedding so you don’t perish while waiting on perfection.


What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D700, a few film cameras, a full set of lenses, and a comprehensive list of backup equipment. ALWAYS!


What if it rains on my wedding day and our venue is outdoors?

Improvise, adapt, and overcome. I cannot control the weather and neither can you. We work around it. *Please keep in mind that none of us will melt in the rain, but for the safety of your images, we might show up in heavy rain gear for both us and the gear. As the protector of your images, I get to say if it is safe to shoot in the elements.  


Are you insured?

Yes, YES, Yes!!


Can you provide the venues with a certificate of insurance?

Yes! Just tell me exactly how they want to be listed on it.


Do you require a vendor meal?

Yes. We always bring an emergency snack but if my body were to compare working a wedding to anything, it would be a marathon. I kindly request that you provide us with a hot meal since we don’t have time to go offsite for it. We require that we are allowed to sit down and eat when you sit down for dinner so that we can be done and ready to capture the next big thing! No one wants shots of people with food in their mouths anyway.