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Bloom Lash Boutique
Last Sunday was a gorgeous day, abet a little cold, for my commercial shoot with Bloom Lash Boutique! Amber, owner of Bloom Lash Boutique is a very sweet friend of mine, so when we began sorting ideas for this shoot, we both had the same vision! We had some crazy beautiful models; you know the kind don't have to try...yep, those girls! Jennifer & Emily did a great job dealing with the cold and modeling with Amber's horse, Hollywood. Amber uses the Xtreme Lash system to apply individual lashes to your own lashes, which eliminates that heavy "lash-line" that you get with traditional falsies.

I have always recommended falsies to my girls for portraits, seniors, bridals, weddings, etc... but now I recommend Amber:) These lashes are the perfect way to add that little something to your look. Not to mention, they are incredibly comfortable! Do not be fooled by imitators; Amber is certified to apply Xtreme Lashes and takes lots of classes to do so!!








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