Why you should be using CoSchedule for Scheduling Social Media

Why you should be using CoSchedule for Scheduling Social Media

I love CoSchedule

Those that know me, know I am a efficiency nut. I'll spend two hours researching the best way to do something if it means saving at least that many hours in the future doing the same task again.  

When I learned about CoSchedule last year, while researching how to auto-pilot my social media, I didn't realize how great of a tool I had found. Since they offer a no credit card needed, 14 day free trial, I signed up. Halfway through my free trail, I happily paid for a year's subscription. 

Let me tell you why I love CoSchedule

 Why I love CoSchedule

Why I love CoSchedule

It's an all-in-one marketing calendar for content, social media, and tasks --all in one place. I can manage nearly an unlimited number of social media profiles. (Many people don't know this about me: I'll tell you that I moonlight as an entrepreneur's fairy godmother helping other small businesses grow...:) ) This tool helps my businesses, and other peoples businesses!

Here are a few previews of the system:

For the visually minded among us...this system is DRAG & DROP. I know, game changer. :)

If I had not got my money's worth on CoSchedule's scheduling platform, I most certainly did through their amazing content. Seriously, I've learned so much from their amazing blog series & email updates!!

Here's a list of their key features:

I highly encourage you to check out this system for yourself!