Wardrobe? Now that was easy!

So you want to book a session, but let's be honest, one of your main concerns is what would you wear? You do not need to rush out and buy all new outfits!  With lots of new sessions around the corner, I wanted to take some time to make sure you all have great resources to help you pick out fabulous looks! I can see it in your eyes--that glazed over, deer in headlights, look but no need to fear. This will be painless.

Here is a little list of suggested guidelines to set you at ease about your upcoming shoot.

#1: You must feel as awesome as you look! Wear something comfortable.

#2: Darker colors make everyone look slimmer. Fact!

#3: Solid colors bring the attention to you--you're the focus, not your outfit.

#4: Vertical lines are more slimming than horizontal lines.

#5: Interesting necklines, minus excessive cleavage for the ladies, pull attention to your face:)

#6: Heels are sexy ladies; they also make your legs look pretty, and force you to stand up straighter.

#7: Tight clothing is prohibited.

#8: In the battle of sleeves vs. sleeveless, sleeves always win. The same rule holds true for shorts vs. pants, pants always win.

#9: Colors do not need to match (I actually prefer you to switch it up:).) However, colors should coordinate.  For example: black, gray, red all coordinate & separately blue, brown, pink all coordinate.

#10: This portrait is going above, say, your fireplace, where your living room is nice and neutral, perhaps loud outfit choices are not ideal for that room, so let's keep that in mind.

#11: Accessorize. Bring different necklaces, hats, ties, etc... that will easily enhance the outfit separately.

#12: Layer, layer, layer! Bring a jacket, cardigan, etc.--because if you're like me, you probably spilled Starbucks down the front of your blouse on the way...and that's why I carry Shout Wipes-- true, but seriously, a different layer can really change the look of your custom portrait!

These are guidelines, not rules. You have great pieces in your closet that you love to wear already--now let's just come up with some new ways to coordinate those pieces! I am a visual learner, who's willing to bet most of you are too, so here are some websites that offer great "lookbooks"--these, for ladies, gents & kids; and they are a tremendous help when pulling together looks for your session.

Ladies: For my Teens & Seniors: Kids:

I am here to help! Remember, with your in-home consultation, which is free with every booking, we will be able to pull together great session customized for your families needs! Your photoshoot is an investment and it is my desire for you to be comfortable from start to finish.

Make sure that you apply today for the 2013 Senior Model Search: http://wp.me/p2narT-t1