4 reasons to make sure you get a few images of your untouched reception details

4 reasons to make sure you get a few images of your untouched reception details

Why Untouched Reception Details Matter...

If you’re anywhere in the wedding planning process, you’ve seen a few (hundred?) real weddings featured by your favorite bridal magazines and blogs. You’ve eyed pictures of chalkboard bar signs, sleek , and adorable DIY escort cards. You’ve pinned 57 different bouquets and sent them to your bridesmaids for input. You’re already imagining how you’ll recreate a rustic tablescape with burlap runners and bright flowers in mason jars. Gilded menu cards neatly tucked in folded napkins. Centerpieces surrounded by shining votives. Lush roses and vintage china. Untouched favors arranged in baskets by the door. The wedding cake ­ not a crumb in sight. But.... how? Aren’t weddings about family and friends enjoying food and drink and dancing into the night? And you wouldn’t ask your guests to wait outside so someone can take pictures of your tables and flowers, right? This is just one reason why I ask every bride to allow me to sneak into the reception room for a few minutes before the day’s festivities start.


Capture the essence of the day

Think about the last wedding you attended. Maybe you were one of the first guests or a member of the bridal party. You located the bar and the mac n cheese station and zeroed in on the table with the closest proximity to both. And, using the international sign for “taken,” you plopped your purse on that table. And your friend’s purse. And her date’s phone. Now, imagine me trying to take a picture of that beautifully styled table with half­empty drinks and crumb­covered plates, crumpled napkins and the bobby pins that wouldn’t stay put. So. Many. Bobby Pins. When the room is empty and quiet, I can focus on capturing the beauty and mood of your wedding with pristine plates, clean barware, and uncluttered tables.


Live in the moment

Your wedding is a day of celebration for everyone present. And, it will pass all too quickly. While you’re catching up with sorority sisters, your grandma will dominate the dance floor. The day will be filled with tender moments and unexpected laughs, some of which you may not witness. I promise that after you’ve unpacked from the honeymoon, you and your new spouse will look at your wedding gallery and say to one another, “I didn’t know that happened!” or “I totally forgot she did that!” more than once. I can focus on taking candid pictures of your high school best friend dancing with your new brother­in­law or the flower girl falling asleep in her cake if I’ve had time to capture the inanimate objects before the festivities start.


Honor the process

You spent hours debating calla lilies versus peonies. Your maid of honor helped you tie 275 teeny tiny little bows on 275 teeny tiny little bells. You agonized over the astounding shade variations between royal and navy blue. Script or block font on the monogrammed napkins?

Passed hors d'oeuvres or artisanal cheese display? When the wedding day finally arrives, you will be so busy hugging guests, holding hands with your new husband, and dancing with your friends that you may not get to see the clever bar signs you hand­lettered or the perfectly coordinated table cloths. I want to make sure you get to enjoy the outcome of all the effort and decision-making involved in planning a wedding. By letting me sneak into the reception hall early, you’re ensuring that you will have beautiful images commemorating the all hard work you put into planning your special day.

Inspire others

Speaking of custom cocktails, cafe lights, and succulent centerpieces: What if, next year, an overwhelmed bride­to­be started planning her dream wedding and pinned a picture of YOUR dessert table? Or the hand­lettered Mr. & Mrs. signs you made last weekend... I would love to have your big day published on a wedding blog so that you can get the recognition you deserve.

To make that happen, I must submit untouched reception images for publishers to review. Magazine and blog publishers want to excite and motivate future brides, and the gorgeous details of your wedding will do just that!

As your photographer, it’s my job to capture the details and quiet moments of your wedding so that you can focus on enjoying time with your guests and spouse, and maybe inspire other brides to create their perfect weddings. It will only take me fifteen minutes to capture the style, essence, and feel of your day, but you will cherish those memories forever.