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Tips for Dressing for Your Best Family Photo | What-to-Wear | sMm Photography  

Need some tips for dressing for your Best Family Photo yet? Whether you are someone who updates pictures yearly, or once a decade, timeless does not need to mean boring. With Day Lights Savings approaching, warmer days on the horizon, and nature showing us its pretty colors again, your outfit choices will be the main thing to enhance your professional portraits, and give you the most headache. No amount of editing can reflect your personalities, and that is where strategic outfit coordinating during your in-home Styling Consultation comes into play! You won't need to decide on your own; I will be with you to make suggestions, and ensure that you have a cohesive look that reflects both your personalities and blends well with your home!

So what is a family supposed to wear for Spring pictures if they're looking to take the annual family pictures? Well, I'm going with this as my suggestion: greens, cobalt, pinks, and plaids. These colors are great for family portraits. They lend themselves well to stylish Spring choices, but also translate nicely into brightly colored pictures that will not overwhelm the eye.

When you choose to use the colors with various patterns and textures, be certain that you layer outfits to offset distracting and conflicting patterns. Avoid dark solid colors, and light creams & whites, near the face, as this tends to either overwhelm you or draw too much attention to your shirt. Use a scarf, some jewelry, or a cozy pullover to break up solid colors. These are also colors you might use to decorate your house with, which means that the outfits will be perfect in that family photo we capture! I style each of my clients for their photography session; contact me today to schedule your wardrobe styling!

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Tips for dressing for your best family photo and custom wardrobe styling enhances every portrait from sMm Photography.

HINT Always think about colors in your house and where you want to use your family photos, when you are considering what to wear for family pictures. Styles are available at &

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