Tips and Tricks: 5 Tips for Better iPhone Photos

Tips and Tricks: 5 Tips for Better iPhone Photography

One of the beautiful things about photography is the joy it brings everybody when you capture those moving moments in life. As toting around cameras tends to compete with the quick and easiness of your smartphone. Here are a few tips for better iPhone photos.

tips for better iPhone photos

The best camera you have is the camera you have on hand. Seriously, just start taking pictures!

  • Use two hands for stability and avoid using zoom as it takes away from sharpness and clarity
  • Get up front and personal
  • Look for shadier areas to take your picture if outdoors, and nice bright areas to take pictures if you are indoors
  • Tap the area you want to focus your picture in on
  • Use popular edit and filter apps such as Pic-Tap-Go (nope, they didn't pay me to say that, I just love them!) to enhance your photos

Look for more iPhone photography tips in the next Tips and Tricks post, along with a post reviewing my favorite iPhone editing apps!