Surprise Proposal at Morris Island Lighthouse

Charleston, SC

Last week a got a message from a frantic groom-to-be, his photographer had canceled on his surprise proposal, luckily for me, he found me online and messaged me. Malcolm and Stacie were down from Michigan to photograph a wedding in Charleston, SC and Malcolm really wanted to use the time away to surprise Stacie with an awesome proposal. We coordinated to 'meet' on Morris Island Lighthouse for the surprise proposal. I pretended to photograph wildlife while Malcolm turned up the charm. Stacie's reaction was awesome; she was saying yes before he even got the question out of his mouth. After he proposed, Malcolm let Stacie know that the random photographer they met on the beach, me, was actually there to capture their engagement and take some engagement portraits. It was such a pleasure meeting these two new friends. I am so blessed that my job doesn't limit my friends to people I see every day, or even know in person, otherwise I'd have never met them. Congratulations Malcolm & Stacie!!

Morris Island Lighthouse - beachSurprise Proposal in Charleston at the beachSurprise Proposal in Charleston at the beachMalcolm-Stacie_Proposal_33Malcolm-Stacie_Proposal_49Malcolm-Stacie_Proposal_78Malcolm-Stacie_Proposal_85Surprise Proposal in Charleston at the Morris Island LighthouseMalcolm-Stacie_Proposal_117000_9268Malcolm-Stacie_Proposal_134


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