Stylebook | Engagement Sessions

Stylebook | Engagement Sessions

Each time I shoot an engagement session, I am asked about styling and locations; both components are equally important to successful engagement photos. 

Finding the right looks for your engagement session can be a lot of work. Luckily a well styled couple will have photographs to treasure from their session that will be timeless and natural. Whatever you wear should make you feel confident and polished. If you choose to wear more than one outfit during our session please make sure that all of the outfits coordinate with each other. All outfits should include these components:

Accessories - Layers - Textures

There are a few rules to consider when picking out your looks. Avoid:

  • Baggy clothing; everything should fit, this goes for guys and girls.
  • Clothing that shows undergarments. If it shows in the mirror it will show in camera.
  • Tennis Shoes/Sneakers. I’m talking about Nike, etc.. If you are partial to chucks just make sure you style your outfit around that look.
  • Light denim. This just isn’t flattering.
  • Patterns. Just say no to pattern.
  • Baseball hats. I will not photograph you wearing a baseball hat. Photographs are about seeing the subjects face.