Steele Crest Wedding

Steele Crest Wedding

Greensboro, NC

This Steele Crest Wedding in Greensboro, NC is one of my favorite recent weddings! Can you see why?!

Gorgeous flowers, vintage place settings, & a dress to-die-for were just a few of the great details. But details alone don't make a gorgeous celebration. 

I often wonder if I'm in the right career, if I'm still telling stories that give Him the glory in these marriages in the years to come... And then sometimes, when I've poured my heart in soul out to Him and cry out for confirmation, He sends me on the sweetest journey to connect with a couple that love Him and want to share that love with everyone around them, and I know I'm telling stories for the right One & ones.

Photographing this wedding reminded me of why my job is important. Photographing weddings has deeply shaped my views on marriage and what it means to me to capture it for someone--its a BIG deal! I want to squeeze the photographers neck who grabbed the 10 photos of my grand parents wedding day; they have developed such a legacy, and those images are a hallmark of that. I want to do that for other people; I want to do more than be the random photographer... I want to celebrate marriage with my couples.

Jared & Tyler Gail truly celebrated their marriage on their wedding day; their faith and love was apparent to everyone. 


Cheers to Jared & Tyler Gail's Greensboro wedding story!

Flowers by Green Bee Floral Design

Venue - Steele Crest

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