Putting Inspiration in Its Place | Pinterest for Weddings

Putting Inspiration in Its Place | Pinterest for Weddings To My Couples: A Note on Pinterest and Wedding Planning I keep seeing this one article floating around about the 42 wedding photo-Pinterest ideas that you'll have to recreate for your wedding day to have cool pictures. In the context of each of those couples' weddings, those images are fine; out of context, they are misleading, in my opinion. I love Pinterest as much as you do; I have lots of inspiration boards! There is nothing wrong with inspiration, but those images that inspire us are complex. We must consider the people involved, the photographer's use of lenses and light, the fact that the image we love was just a split second of that day, and a ton of other components.

Ask yourself, is a laundry list of photographs, captured by different artists in different styles on different days, that we have to continually stop celebrating in order to re-create other people's moments going to make your wedding day memories awesome OR is a day where you ask everyone to be themselves and be present while they enjoy celebrating with you going to produce actual memories?

Can we all just agree to let your wedding day fold organically?! I promise you, you will enjoy your day more and you will make beautiful memories. I promise to do my very best to capture moments as they unfold; I promise to tell you where the light is dripping honey and making your skin glow; I promise to capture memories of the people you love celebrating your love for one-another.

There's this fabulous artist, Troy Grover, he wrote an article about how "Pinterest can discourage the creative process" not too long ago; I would encourage you to read it!

As an artist, asking me to recreate your Pinterest board is like us sitting down at the 'wine & paint' place and recreating a Van Gogh...it will never be a conveniencing fake. Let's promise to put inspiration in its place. Promise!?