Protecting your Wedding Images


As you plan every detail of your wedding day, you may be fooled into thinking that you will have time to gloat over all the things that are making your day magical on the day of, but the truth is… Your wedding day will go by in a flash; pun intended. I am sure that you have heard this from too many people to count, but it is an honest statement. The images captured by your photographer will be all that you have left over from the event. These pictures are priceless items that you will want to place a high priority on protecting. After all, these pictures will be a large part of your legacy and a family heirloom forever.

Here are a few tips for protecting your timeless photographs


1.     Order a wedding album

Placing your wedding album into the hands of your grandchildren will be an emotional moment for you one day. Physically touching the organized pictures will leave an everlasting impression on future generations, not to mention for you and your spouse as you reflect on one of the happiest days of your lives. A wedding album is an heirloom documenting your family’s history. Do not miss out on such an important treasure. You will regret not ordering one.

 Heirloom Album, photo by Jen Huang //

Heirloom Album, photo by Jen Huang //

2.     Store photos on a computer, ideally an external hard drive and USB.

Your wedding photographs will be uploaded into a gallery from your photographer. You will be able to save them to your computer from there, or some photographers may provide you with additional resources. However you receive your electronic copies, make sure to back them up. You can not be too safe. Copy the photos into your computer and your spouse’s computer. After doing that, back the pictures up onto an external hard drive in case anything was to ever happen to your computer. If you copy your photos onto a USB you may want to consider storing the USB in a fireproof safe.

3.     Buy a photo box for printed images.

After making sure that your digital files are safe you will want to print several of your favorites. Technology is constantly changing and you would hate for your images to not be accessible like floppy disks, tapes, and some CDs are now. To ensure that you will never be without the photographs you cherish so much, have them printed. Thumbing through these images and reminiscing about your special day will be something you treasure for a lifetime. Tangible photographs in a print box are timeless keepsakes.

 "Unbound Folio Album" //

"Unbound Folio Album" //