ProPhoto Blogs + Facebook OG Integration - how to fix it

DISCLAIMER :: I am so non-techy, so this is written for the non-techy people like me. Yesterday, I discovered that Facebook commenting and "liking" had stopped working on my blog. With sharing being so important to my business, that was a major problem. After having SO much trouble finding a straight forward answer, I decided to share how I fixed Facebook Open Graph problems on my ProPhoto Blog in layman's terms. Because really, my brain is far RIGHT, and understanding technical lingo zaps me of creative power.

First, I ran the Facebook debugger for my website-app. It returned an error with multiple meta tags... I read so many articles on how to fix this issue that every time I'd try an alternate Google search, all of the first three pages of search results were purple. Yikes.

Facebook Open Graph problems

So it turns out that ProPhoto Blogs have Facebook integrated, which causes a big problem for you if you are also using a Facebook plugin, or any other plugin that integrates Facebook for you.

To fix it, I installed ProPhoto Blogs: Tweaks plugin and followed the instructions for how to install this plugin. You will not find this plugin by searching for it; you must go to their website, download it and then install it. (This is a screenshot--follow the link to see the whole thing!)

Use ProPhoto Blogs Tweaks plugin to fix Facebook issues

Next, I went into my Yoast SEO plugin and disabled "add Open Graph meta data" under the social setting.

fix yoast wordpress plugin to work with Facebook


This seems to have fixed the problem until the next updates. I still have to solve the problem of my blog not showing image previews when shared to Facebook, but that's a little lower on my priority list today. I hope it helps fix your troubles!

<3 Stef


P.S. As a final alternative, this, which if you choose to follow it - you should note that it is a no-no for ProPhoto Blogs, was a helpful article.