Plan a Perfect Wedding Timeline

Plan a Perfect Wedding Timeline

Timelines for the Type-A Couple

To better help my couples plan a perfect wedding timeline, I thought I'd share some of my best advice. After planning all of the fun parts of the wedding, I'm sure that mapping out your wedding day timeline doesn't sound very appealing. Or are you a little type-A like me?! ;)

With over 70 weddings under my belt, I have learned a few habits that make for a perfectly planned wedding timeline. The highest and best use of your wedding budget is for a day-of coordinator, if not a full service planner. These industry professionals are key to any wedding's success as a well hosted social event of the season! If a planner is not in your budget, assign the duties to a family friend who does not need to be intimately involved in other pieces of the ceremony & photos to ensure things run smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

I often become the person who reminds the bride when it's time to get dressed, finishes tying bow-ties, tells mamas I need them for portraits, helps communicate with the florist & makeup artists about our timeline so that the wedding party is fully prepared for photos.

Over the past five years, I have been intimately involved in creating a timeline for each wedding, but this Fall, we are introducing one of our preferred planners as a team member to help create a custom wedding day timeline for each of our couples!

Here are a few of our wedding timeline considerations to take into account. 

Wedding Timeline Considerations:

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Sign up to receive our three wedding day timelines.

  • You need a minimum of 1.5 hours after the ceremony ends before sunset in order to ensure we can get you the photos you want even if there's a hiccup in the timeline prior to the ceremony.

  •  Ceremony's at sunset are prettier in theory than they are in reality. They just don't work well. The quickly changing light makes for inconsistent photos and leaves no chance for gorgeous outdoor photos of the two of you during your joy-filled-'we did it' moments following the ceremony.  Let's keep the ceremony focused on your marriage, and leave sunset out of the equation for the ceremony timing.

  • Ask yourself if you are going to do a first look with your spouse? This gives couples a really memorable and sweet time to relish in the celebration of their marriage, squeeze in a few photos, and actually have some time alone before the day's activities. 

  • Give yourself at least one hour and 15 minutes after the ceremony ends before you are announced at the reception. (Betting you forgot it will take a few minutes to bustle your dress after photos...didn't you?!)

  • Group photos take 3-5 minutes per photo. The more people in the photo, the longer it takes. A great photographer is more or less a cat-herder--please give us the fewest cats possible to herd; you'll be grateful you kept the family list to immediate family only. Photos with Aunt Sally are just as beautiful during your reception, and much less stressful. 

  • Save extended family photos for during the reception; a good DJ is also a great MC and can help us rally your clans for those giant photos.

After making these considerations, a timeline quickly comes together!

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