Personal: Photography in Charleston

Personal: Photography Adventures in Charleston

Working from home, read alone, makes me very thankful for days spent outside of the confines of my desk.

Yesterday, I met with my friend Alex, who's a pretty awesome wedding photographer in her own right--check her out, for a day date to talk shop over coffee at our favorite spot downtown, Kudu. We decided to walk through downtown Charleston after we finished our lattes. Alex is a kindred spirit and a very sweet friend; fortunately, she trusted me enough to capture new headshots for her:) I even took a turn in front of the camera and she did a fabulous job capturing me too!

Note to self: You laugh with your mouth wide open; it is quite a trademark-don't change it.  2nd Note to self: Get out of the office and enjoy your friends more, they are awesome and this city is gorgeous<3

Charleston Photography - Porter's Lodge at College of CharlestonHeadshots of Charleston Wedding Photographerheadshots-smm photography (7)Headshots of Charleston Wedding Photographer

And then it was my turn... Alex did a great job capturing me!

Headshots of Charleston Wedding Photographer Stefanie Morris