Laboratory Mill Wedding

Laboratory Mill Wedding

Charlotte, NC

This wedding was full of personal touches. A Bo-berry biscuit cake, a Krispy Kreme Donut stack, a gorgeous cake from Cakes by Melissa, handmade bowties, the best guest sign-in I've ever seen, and the couple's pet pig, Gumdrop, as the official ring bearer. 

 Bojangles Bo-berry biscuit stack

Bojangles Bo-berry biscuit stack

Savanna & Brett laid out a rug that will go in their home at the alter, and setup a mantle that will be installed at their first home together as the alter backdrop. Each thing they incorporated was personal and heartfelt. Working with them has been an absolute delight!

A note from the bride, Savanna:

"My fiancé's name is Brett. We're both from around the Charlotte area. Brett went to UNCC and majored in music, now he is a worship director at Real Life Church in Denver.

We love to take day trips to the mountains, spend time at the lake, cook and bake together, and we spend a lot of time with both of our families. We love doing anything together, sometimes we just go walk around target and share a pretzel from the food court, haha! :) One of my best friends from college is married to the Youth pastor at the church Brett works for. Madison & Jason decided to play matchmaker and introduced Brett and I on July 11th this summer and the rest is history.

We've only known each other about 6 months but I've never been more certain of anything in my life. Brett had been writing a song for me since we met, I knew he was writing one all this time but had never heard it- he just kept telling me he was still working on it. On December 11th we had plans to go see Mary Poppins the musical at a theatre in downtown. He told me we were going to be early getting downtown so that we could get drinks with his sister and brother in law at a restaurant before the play. We parked the car and got out and started walking towards the restaurant through the little town square all lit up with Christmas lights. He led me to the courthouse steps and played a recording of the song he wrote for me. The last verse was him asking me to marry him and then he got down on one knee and asked! Of course I said yes! His sister and niece were there taking pictures of the whole thing. I was so surprised, I had been telling people for weeks that there was no way he was going to be able to surprise me because he's terrible at surprises but he proved me very wrong! The song is so wonderful, and I make him play it every time we get in the car to go somewhere. 

Vendor Credits

Bowties by TangledTiesBowTies

Flowers by Bells & Blooms

Guest Sign-in Mason Jar by StrangelyYours

Robes from Pretty Plumb Sugar for BHLDN

Bo-berry cake by BoJangles

Donut Stack from Krispy Kreme

Cake from Cakes by Melissa

Suits from Jos. A. Banks

Bridal Gown & Shoes from BHLDN

Invitations by Minted

Its funny that Brett proposed to me on the courthouse steps because ever since I was a little girl I've been telling people that I was going to Vegas or the courthouse to elope when I wanted to get married.  Loving Brett has made me realize that I want a wedding day too. I want to celebrate our marriage with all our favorite people, and have pictures to proudly show our children one day.

I love The Laboratory Mill for our wedding because its already such a beautiful and unique space with wonderful views that almost make you feel like you're outside. I really just want our wedding day to be a celebration of our love and The Lords faithfulness. I would say my style is probably on the more simple side and a little non-traditional. The plan is for Brett and I to get married in front of a mantle (that we still need to find) that will be part of our first house we build together and standing on a rug that will go in our home and every time we walk across it we will be reminded of the time we stood on it for our wedding, making vows to love one another forever."