iPhone Apps for Business - My Personal Favorites

I spend most of my extra time trying to figure out how to be more productive, and when talking to business friends, the conversation usually turns to the various ways we have found to be more productive. Usually, that translates into implementing systems and new apps. While I normally sit with my phone put away while I'm working, there are always days where I'm not in my office but still have to work. The best way that I've found to stay productive is to use apps that function with my existing desktop systems. I'm a Google girl all the way, so having apps that are compatible with Google is my best bet. These are the apps that I think are best for business owners. These are the iPhone apps that keep me and my business productive.

Mailbox - I love the ability to schedule when to look back through emails. Just got a promotional email and I want to look at all of my promotional emails later at 3PM? Done. Need to archive a client conversation. Done. Taking the day off and want to get that email back in my inbox tomorrow morning. Done.

Google Voice - I use this because not everyone needs my personal cell phone number. I really suck at texting people back, and to all of you who have my personal cell, you know that's true. Google Voice allows me to have business phone numbers set-up so that when people call, it comes directly to my cell phone; it will even transcribe a voicemail into a message for me. Love it, usually.

Square - This app is awesome. The fees for this register-type app are low, about 3%, and it deposits funds directly into my business account. Square makes it easy to take credit cards on the go.

Google Drive - Drive makes life pretty easy. I can create, manage, and share documents on the computer; and on my phone, it's just as easy to manage and share files. I have an Instagram folder in my Google Drive, so that when I have professional photos to share, I just drop them into Google Drive on my computer and then open the app on my phone to share those photos to Instagram.

Genius Scan - I love having LESS paper! Less is more. Genius Scan integrates with email, Google Drive, etc... to allow you to scan take a photo of... a document. It's spot on, easy to organize, and plays well with other apps. It is a win.

IFTTT - If This Then That is about the coolest thing I was introduced to in the past few months. This app automates systems like a boss. I have a recipe set-up to have the weather forecast automatically added to my calendar every day along with the sunrise and sunset. Another recipe generates a tweet based on individual Instagram posts. ...the awesomeness goes on and on!

AnyList - This app will allow you to have multiple lists, share them individually with people, synchronize updates between users, and send you reminders if you set those up. Get this for personal and business use.

VSCO CAM - I <3 VSCO camera! You can use it as a camera or as just an awesome photo editor... either way, the people at VSCO are genius and you should get this app. I take and edit all of my iPhone photos with this app.

30/30 - 30/30 App allows you to create timed tasks. Goodness knows that I often have days when I feel like I need to be hand-held through every task, and this app does that for me!

Pages *Facebook - If I'm on Facebook, its because I'm in this app checking out stats and replying to people. Its a must for me!

Trip Cubby - Making my CPA happy for 1.5 years now. End of story. (I'm sure there are better apps for mileage, so please share your favorite!)

Pocket - About 60% of my daily energy is spent reading & learning. Pocket makes it easy for me to bookmark websites, articles, etc... so that I do not disrupt my workflow to read new material. I simply press the +Pocket button I have installed on my bookmarks-bar and the iPhone app syncs when I'm ready to read it later.

Leave a comment with your favorite app and/or productivity hack!