Introducing Associate Photographer Wesley

Introducing Associate Photographer Wesley

Associate Wedding Photographer

Associate Photographer, Wesley

We are so excited to bring on a new team member, Wesley Peterson. Wesley will be taking weddings as an associate photographer for sMm Photography. I remember taking her senior photos before I even began photography professionally. Her family has long been family friends of mine and I thoroughly love and respect her as an artist. I know her clients will love working with her!

Here's a little snippet from the interview we did with Wesley earlier this month:

How did you get into photography and what is your background with it?

My parents gave me my first camera for high school graduation. With their love and support I decided to purse my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

Name three things you love...  My couples know that I love cocktail hours at noon, Hampton, and shooting film.

Sushi, liquid eyeliner, mid century decor, and of course my cat, Wrigley. (3 things just isn’t enough)

Why are you excited to join sMm Photography?

Stefanie is a long time friend and inspiration. I’m excited to grow as a photographer and be able to learn the business aspect of things.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we roll out more information regarding booking a wedding with Wesley; as always, you can email us your inquiry at

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