How to Prepare for Bridal Portraits

How to Prepare for Bridal Portraits

A scheduled bridal portrait session over comes many wedding day time constraints and gives you an opportunity to relax in front of the camera. For the traditional bride, bridal portraits are required for that newspaper announcement, and for the non-traditional bride, bridal portraits still serve them well for a multitude of reasons!

This session is a dry-run for your hair, professional makeup, dress fitting, bouquet design, and more.

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What fits your personality? Barn, downtown area, urban area, something near the water, a particular venue that means a lot to you?

Leave your phones in the car

There is nothing more distracting than a mom or best friend snapping away while we are working. Confidence boosts are one thing, but lets try using our words, besides leave it to the professional to make sure your gallery is private by not allowing extra photos to float around the interwebs.

Stay out of the sun

Your spray-tan, sun burn, peeling skin...all of that shows in photos!

Professional hair & makeup by a qualified makeup artist

If your makeup artist doesn't take you to a window to do your makeup, shut that down. Professional styling covers a multitude of sins!

Forget the sheet

You wear it twice, wear it well. A sheet placed under the dress never allows the dress to fall like it naturally would. Plus, we don't have time for constant sheet placement. Movement is everything to photos.

Bring your bouquet

Fake flowers don't count. This is an ideal time to make sure your bouquet gets a dry-run.

Bring your bridal accessories

Bring your other sash, veil, jewelry, etc...

Bring someone encouraging

Leave critical Debbie-downer at home. We want you to be happy and full of laughter. Anyone who encourages you and makes you feel relaxed is encouraged to come with you.  While we're talking about who to bring, let me just say that too many opinions, too many. You trust me, so let's make sure that the one or two people you bring remember that they're there to help you and make you smile.


Most of all

Know that you are in great hands when you work with sMm Photography! We want our brides to enjoy the experience as much as they enjoy the images it produces.