Heavenly Gift + Passion + Determination = This

August is bringing several changes for me. All of my decisions have been given considerable thought and prayer. It is my desire to honor God with my work; in doing so, I must give my clients my best! You all trust me to capture your lives and I want to do my best each time! With this as my goal, I will be more mindful to take on the sessions that my schedule will allow, not including mini sessions to insure that I can do the work the Lord has set before me. I feel as though I have let clients down over the past few months by stretching myself thin; I am SORRY! Today is the day of change.

Session fees will see a small increase in price, but a larger increase in value. All sessions, in addition to wardrobe styling, will include a $50 album credit and complimentary, custom iPhone app. Senior sessions will include professional hair & make-up, as well as individual wardrobe styling. Gift prints are $14.99, and products will be sold in packages with some conditions on product orders that are sold a la carte; this is going to give my clients the products they value in a way that is much easier:)  I will occasionally run promotions; I am a completely reasonable human being who wants to do right by her clients by adding value to what you all allow me to do and produce for you!!!

If you feel as though I am too expensive, here is the truth: this is a business. The numbers have been run 5 ways from Friday, but they come out the same each time. It is my desire to create images that you want to proudly display in your homes. My overhead is low, my products are high quality, my time invested with each client is immense. So, let's all be honest, I make a third of whatever you hand me; I will not work for $5/hour... that does not pay my bills. You can understand, right?!

I completely respect your budget and honor the fact that you too work hard. So, in order to accommodate, mini sessions will be offered at least twice every year. There are many ways that I want to grow my business, so keep me in mind:

  1. I want to grow my senior business; I LOVE working with high school seniors!! Send all high schoolers to me:D

  2. Weddings are awesome; bring on the brides & grooms. Wedding packages will include a second shooter and assistant, with every package because God is good. I have a large giveaway in production for this fall; brides, keep an eye out:)

  3. Laid back families with deep appreciation for photography as art rock my world; I love lifestyle, candid shots, and aim to do more work like this!

God has used this business to teach me many things. Thank you ALL for allowing my passion to become my full time business; I am here only by the grace of God and by your use of my gift. <3