Get the Most from Your Engagement Photos with These Tips

Get the Most from Your Engagement Photos with These Tips

You're making a day full of memories by doing an engagement session! Your session will tell others a lot of detail about you as a couple, your style, and your life. Here are 6 tips for effortless engagement photos that you'll actually love. Hint: The secret is in the styling, oh and the professional hair & makeup. 


Research images you like. Comb through wedding blogs and find a couple of sessions that you can pull outfit inspiration from. You might find that you really like the location, or their photographer, but more than likely, what you'll really be drawn to is the way their outfits compliment the couple within the location, and if you're me, you'll drool over the dreamy lighting.

The Best Advice

The best advice I can give you is to have professional hair & makeup done for your engagement session. A professionally trained hair & makeup artist can transform your everyday-cute to wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am. They know the colors that photograph best on your skin tone, what actually makes your eyes look bigger, how to cover that scar from the 3rd grade, and how to enhance what your mama gave you!


Finessing your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe might take a little finesse, but don't be scared!!

Emerse yourself in some color! Too often, couples shy away from color because they want to create timeless images. Timeless images are not timeless because they are bland, they are timeless because the right moment combined with the right outfits in a fitting location was captured in 1/250th of a second by the photographer's shutter. So don't fear color, embrace it!


Be sure that your groom has color on as well. Its one thing to have on a neutral jacket, but mens' accessories are as varied as ladies. Options range from bowties, to suspenders, to scarves, to socks, to shirts, to pants. Just remember that he deserves some detail too!


Grooms tend to want to wear their most prized pants, I would call these loved jeans their engagement-picture safety blanket, but relaxed fit clothes do nothing except make him look heavier. Tell Linus to leave the safety blanket at home this time and slip into a more fitted alternative. Grooms, I'm not talking about skinny jeans...but for the love, go to a store such as Brooks Brothers or Jos A Banks where they know a thing or two about fit!


Ladies,it is my opinion that Spanxs are the best invention ever when worn under dresses--smooths out my love of Aunt Gin's dressing;). A light weight sweater covers a multitude of sins; do not cut off your arms by wearing sleeves/cap-sleeves unless you want to rock your toned arms. And, when in doubt, belt it; remember, belts don't have to be tight. The goal is to draw attention to the smallest part of your torso.


I offer professional styling to each of my clients for my engagement sessions. You don't necessarily have to go out and buy all new items, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can pull out an outfit that you tend to overlook.


Book your engagement session today and we will set-up your complimentary wardrobe styling.