Fresh Headshots

Things I'm scared of...

Getting in front of the camera, and other scary shit...

Being photographed can put the fear of God in me. 

This is dumb right? After all, I am a photographer and I know the posing tricks, so what's to be afraid of? Fresh headshots are a must for creative professionals; they are best done with a team of people. For my headshots, there was my photog-bestie, Amy of Sunshower Photography, and Rebekah, of Hair & Makeup by Rebekah--who does the best wedding dos I might add, is my amazing hair & makeup artist friend who got me camera ready.

These amazing ladies know how to inspire confidence, which aside from a smile, is the best accessory for any photos!  Thank you gals for making me up & capturing my silly soul!! <3

For all of you waiting to book your environmental headshots, lets get you scheduled with us & booked with a hair & makeup team that makes you feel confident!

Oh, in the event that you need to know my other notable fears, they are listed below:

  1. Running out of coffee. I'll take a quad grande skinny honey & cinnamon latte, please! What do ya'll order from your favorite coffee bar?
  2. Showing up to meetings sans makeup. I'm that brand of Southern; you aren't seeing this face until I have my eyebrows filled and mascara on, along with a little lip-gloss. I can hear my mama harpin' in my ear telling me, 'you need some lip-gloss. that was a statement, not a question.'
  3. Heights. Two years ago my best friend took me zip-lining; all was OKAY until we had to cross a suspension bridge and rappel down at the end....oh heck no!  
  4. Leaving my notebook at home. Y'all, that thing goes all around the world with me!

P.S. Which one is your favorite? I still cannot decide! Let me know what your favorite image is in the comments below.