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First Looks

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Our goal is to provide couples with wedding photography that will be lasting heirlooms for their families. We want to capture raw emotions that will tell your legacy for many years to come. There is no better way to capture these feelings than by utilizing a first look session. Although this may not be something that you have considered because you want to take a more traditional approach, let me plant a few seeds. I understand that each couple is unique and my main priority is to artistically tell your love story through timeless photographs regardless of whether or not you decide to have first looks captured. I want to educate my clients so that we as a team can decide the best fit for your needs.



Here are a few things to consider if you are teetering on the decision to have a first look: Intimate time together. The purpose of your wedding day is to celebrate the spoken promises of the couple as they come together in unity. This will be the only day of the rest of your life that will be all about you.

First looks give the couple an opportunity to have an intimate moment together before being pulled in every direction to celebrate with your guests who are dying to take a picture with you and give you well wishes. The day will go by in the blink of an eye. Do yourself a favor and make sure to capture a private moment with your spouse. You cannot stage emotional moments; so from tears to looks of adoration, relax and soak up the precious authenticity of the moment. This may be the only time you get to be alone together the whole day.

The emotions. Whether you decide to wait until the ceremony to see each other or have a first look, it is still all about the reaction. First looks provide a broader realm of emotions. Not only do you get to capture the initial reactions as the couple bursts with excitement together before the big moment, but you also get to capture the same intensity as the groom sees his bride walking down that aisle for him, and the ear to ear smiles as your dreams become reality. Seeing each other ahead of time does not change the magic of that moment.

Calm your nerves. You anxiously look at the clock all day. From hair to make-up, getting dressed, getting to the ceremony, overseeing the details, family pictures, and making sure people are where they need to be, you will undoubtedly have some extra anxiety. With little time to breathe, you will find yourself longing for a moment with your soon to be spouse to put you at ease.

First looks allow you to fall into the arms of your soul mate and take a moment to laugh, kiss, and to share the excitement of what is about to happen. There is nothing quite like a first look to connect with your groom and refocus on what the day is really about. Drown out the noise and get excited together! The moment when you become man and wife is right around the corner.

Be able to enjoy your cocktail hour. Your loved ones have traveled and taken time out of their day and possibly weekend to celebrate the happy couple. Why make them wait an additional hour after the ceremony to be able to love on you?

Not feeling rushed by time constraints for after ceremony pictures is a huge relief.

First looks may also be the only time you are able to get couples portraits made. Opting out of a first look pushes you to have all of your photographs taken after the ceremony.

Between family and bridal party pictures, you may run out of time for individual couple’s pictures on top of making your guests wait for you.

Perfectly untouched. Your hair and make-up are perfect for a short amount of time (especially if you end up crying down the aisle), and heaven forbid you have an outdoor ceremony in any kind of heat or wind. First looks are the perfect way to promise flawless pictures.

Hopefully, this provides you with some new perspective on first looks. Although I personally think the benefits outweigh formality, I can also appreciate that every couple has a unique vision for their wedding day. Decide what is best for you and rest assured that your day will be treated as tenderly as your first family heirloom, captured so that you can relive these precious moments for years to come.


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