Fayetteville Senior Portraits | Sawyer

Mid-September I traveled up to Fayetteville, NC to photograph my cousin Sawyer. It was a joy to spend the afternoon with him and his mama light-stalking downtown. I don't get the pleasure of photographing too many senior guys; my guess is that y'all think I'm going to put you through hair & make-up?! Sawyer would have to tell you that that is not true. I am not going to embarrass my sweet cousin by writing too much about his senior portraits, except to say that I am quite proud of you!

fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-26


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-52


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-62


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-89


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-96


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-117


fayetteville nc_senior_sawyer-13

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