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Fall Family Pictures | Siblings What-to-Wear | sMm Photography Sibling outfits pose a problem for many of my clients, but this style guide should help you as you investment in Fall portraits.

So what is a family supposed to wear for Fall pictures if they're looking to take the annual family Christmas Card pic? Well, these colors are great for family portraits because while they are hot colors for Fall outfits, they also lend themselves well to colors you might use to decorate your house with, which means that the outfits will be perfect in that family photo we capture and mount above your fireplace as a 20x30" canvas:) HINT Always think about colors in your house and where you want to use your family photos, when you are considering what to wear for family pictures.

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Its a perfectly modern color palate that mixes kid friendly with something you'll actually like seeing your child wear! Shop these trends at gap.com.

Email me if you'd like links to these exact outfits for your family pictures this Fall!