Charleston Wedding Photography | Behind-the-Scenes

Charleston Wedding Photography | Behind-the-Scenes

Charleston, SC
Through the year, I always end-up with a wide variety of behind-the-scenes photos. None are ever very flattering, despite having the most amazing team of second shooters who've captured them, but they're pretty entertaining  glimpses of how we work with brides & grooms through the wedding day.

Ready to see me 'directing the choir', making odd thinking faces, stopping traffic for a shot, etc...?! Here goes:

Matt & Megan_High Cotton Wedding_Charleston_514Matt & Megan_High Cotton Wedding_Charleston_559

I call this my awkward thinking face.

Matt & Megan_High Cotton Wedding_Charleston_7Matt & Megan_High Cotton Wedding_Charleston_370

This might be my personal favorite, I call it "directing the choir" -- I even appear to be singing whilst directing. Matt & Megan_High Cotton Wedding_Charleston_400

Dahar Charleston Wedding Dahar Charleston Wedding

This is my, "is that car going to hit me while I stand in the street?!" pose. Dahar Charleston Wedding Dahar Charleston Wedding Dahar Charleston Wedding Dahar Charleston Wedding

Images courtesy of:

Sunshower Lifestyle Photography

Alex Thornton Photography