Building a Legacy

Friday will mark a year since my beloved Papa Morris passed away. It has easily been the hardest year of my life, and through it, I have gained great clarity regarding my own legacy.  

When I started my business I knew that capturing moments was important to me, as I've grown the past three years, I've learned that while moments are important, preserving each person's history was more important. My grandfather taught me that time spent with people was your chance to pour out love into that person's life, that time together was a chance to make a memory, that you need not be far from home to have an adventure, and that the sum of how you spend your time on earth is the total of your legacy.  


how lucky am i to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." aa miline


To him, and all of my family and dear friends, thank you for the mark you've made on my life; I intend to live with great purpose. I want to carry those lessons into my business and into your lives.  

2014 is dedicated to the glory of the Lord, and to making more moments, sustaining each person's life legacy, and preserving your history.

Please take a moment today and take a portrait with the people you love.


If you know what legacy you hope to leave, comment below!


Psalm 37:34