Bridal Portraits at Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Bridal Portraits at Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Beaufort, SC

Ashley & Kyle's Engagement Session was a sweet day full-to-the-brim of enjoying downtown Charleston. When Ashley and I brainstormed ideas for her bridal portraits, she knew she wanted something that felt like the Old South. When she saw a recent engagement session we did at Old Sheldon Church Ruins, Ashley immediately knew that is where she HAD to have her bridal portraits taken. Meeting on a muggy afternoon early this Fall, Ashley, her mama, and I were enamored by the sense of place and peace at the ruins. 

old sheldon church ruins_bridal portraits-19.jpg

Old Sheldon Church Ruins is holy ground; you can feel it as soon as you step onto the property. Once known as the Prince William Parish Church, built in 1751, it was one of the finest country churches in the South. It would have been a neo-classical temple set just up the hill off of the tidal waterway. My personal love of historic buildings fuels my obsession with this place, but truly, it's the sense that you're on Holy ground that catches me in the throat and settles a peace in my soul. I love this place!  

Shooting roll after roll of film, my creative senses were in over drive, a gorgeous bride and a place as unique in history & beauty... Wee couldn't have asked for a prettier day! 


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