Best advice for great Wedding Day photos + 2015 Wedding Giveaway Announcement

Best advice for great Wedding Day photos

2015 Wedding Giveaway Announcement

Our annual wedding giveaway launches in just under a month! Each year we pick one lucky couple to give a complete wedding package to. Are you signed up to get all of the details when it goes live?! Sign up now!

Do away with clutter//

We're sure that you'll have at least a glass of water while you're getting ready, right?! No matter what you're drinking on your wedding day, use glassware and don't forget straws for the ladies. Fast food wrappers and containers have no place in your wedding day images; grab a real plate for your lunch! The same idea is true for bags, boxes, and 'stuff' - assign one bridesmaid/groomsman to be diligent about keeping things tidy so that your pictures reflect a serene space.



Stand tall. Suffer from chronically terrible posture? Take a deep breath in right before the photo is taken; it will automatically make you stand tall with your shoulders back.

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Shot List//

Long shot lists are a no-no for me. Shorter lists mean more time to pose each individual as flatteringly as possible. Group shots take 5-7 minutes each. I suggest grandparents, parents, siblings, and you two for family formals only. Let's grab candid portraits with aunts, uncles, and cousins during reception when you're enjoying their company instead of extending the portrait time and keeping everyone from the cocktail hour!

Peterson Wedding

Kiss Again//

Kiss before you get to the end of the aisle. Because you only get to enjoy that moment once, soak it up!

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Opt for a Photobooth, who doesn't love a good selfie?!

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Engagement Photos//

Engagement sessions are when we learn about your quirks so that your wedding day photos are the best they can be! | © sMm Photography 2014

Planner //

A planner is required. Not kidding. If your planner does not professionally plan weddings, the nuances of the day's to-do list may be lost on them. Without a planner, you will quickly become stressed, dulling out tasks to everyone present and taking away from the quality time with your closest family and friends. Planners are required. Say yes to at least a professional day-of planner.

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Hands //

Not sure what to do with your hands? Hands in pockets for guys, hand on hip for ladies. We'll fix you from there. There's no need for a "Ricky Bobby" moment with everyone's hands raised.

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2015 Wedding Giveaway Announcement