9 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

9 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Guest Post by Cory Winn Lambert, owner of Sage Innovations

Still on the fence of whether you should hire a wedding planner or not? Well we are glad you stopped by to see why we think our role is essential to a successful wedding. We hope to win you over by the end of this post!


1. SAVE MONEY: Although wedding planners can be an investment up front, we can almost guarantee that you will make that money back with the negotiations and discounts we will obtain for you. After a decade of experience with local vendors, they often LOVE working with planners and want to do what they can to ensure a cohesive partnership.  We will protect you from making costly mistakes!

2. RELIEVE STRESS: Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. From all of the little details to picking out your rentals to managing the wedding party, the process can be overwhelming at times. We are able to take on that stress and organize the logistics of your event from start to finish for you so that you can just enjoy the fun stuff. On the big day, you should be enjoying mimosas with your girls and getting your hair done, not directing your guests to the ceremony or answering questions!

3. TIME SAVER: The amount of time and energy that goes into wedding planning can be never ending. Bringing in a skilled wedding planner, such as a Sage girl, allows us to do the vendor research for you and take care of all the little details. Instead of scouring the internet for days on which photographer to book and reaching out to each one about their pricing, we are able to recommend perfect options for your budget, personality, and overall vision.

4. BUFFER BETWEEN LOVED ONES: From deciding the guest list to determining who is paying for what portion of the wedding, there are some sticky conversations that have to happened between you and your family. Having a wedding planner involved can be a good buffer in the middle of these confrontations and they can give great advice of how to approach these subjects. We’re not just wedding planners, we can act as psychiatrists too!

5. WEDDING OUTLET: We know how important every little detail to your wedding is but your cousin may not be as interested in the exact font you are debating between for your invitation or where to seat your aunt. Come to us! We love to talk about everything wedding. That is what we live for!

6. “GO TO GIRL”: With an average of 20 vendors at your wedding, it is wonderful for there to be a “go to person” at your event. Instead of it being you, hire a wedding planner to take on this role! Questions of where to place the sign in book to what time dinner will be served can all be directed to your coordinator. Not to mention, we create the event timeline that is the wedding’s “Holy Grail” for all vendors. Logistics are our strong suit!

7. CRISIS AVERTED: Unfortunately, problems do arise during large events such as weddings but not to worry! With a wedding planner onsite, we take on any and all challenges, leaving your only concern to be walking down that aisle.  We live to solve issues and think proactively to avoid them.

8. WE KNOW EVERYONE: Wedding planners know everyone, yes everyone, in the wedding industry for their city. We will know exactly what vendors to trust and who to recommend to give you the “dream team” for your big day.

9. END OF THE NIGHT: After all is said and done, there are many things left behind that need to be cleared. Your wedding planner is onsite to pack up all of your personal items and to gather the gifts left behind so all you have to do is jump in your getaway car!

We could go on for days of why you should hire a planner, but if you need just a few more reasons, please do email us at Cory or Cayleigh @sage-innovations.net and we will get on board in no time. Happy planning to all and we hope to be apart of it!

 Cory Winn Lambert,  owner of Sage Innovations.  Image by Juliet Elizabeth Photography . 

Cory Winn Lambert,  owner of Sage Innovations. Image by Juliet Elizabeth Photography

About Cory // After several years of wedding and event management on Kiawah Island, I then worked for a wedding firm located in downtown Charleston for three years.  This is where I was able to spearhead many beautiful weddings and I learned an abundance about production and floral design.  Towards the end of 2012, through God’s timing and much encouragement, I knew it was time to chase my dream and launch Sage Innovations.  My passion is in connecting people and keeping track of all of the minute details, which to me are invigorating.  I love to organize just about anything and truly have a heart for planning.  Born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, VA, I have a deep love for nature, wine tasting, delicious food and history.  What better place to find all of these than in Charleston?  {Sage} is defined as ‘wise through reflection and experience,’ while {Innovations} portrays ‘the introduction of something new, or a grand idea.’  From there, you have Sage Innovations.

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