7 Tips for Beautiful Boudoir Photos

7 Tips for Beautiful Boudoir Photos

This year, I have shot a lot of boudoir sessions. Normally, these are completely private sessions, which is why you don't ever see me posting them; however, this time one of my beautiful friends was totally fine with me sharing some favorites from her session! Here are 7 tips to ensure that you love your boudoir photos7 Tips for Beautiful Boudoir Photos   Here are a few tips to make the most of your boudoir session: 1. Be comfortable with yourself. Love the skin you're in! These sessions might be a little uncomfortable for you at first, but rest assured, they are not awkward for me; I do them often:) 2. Preparation is key. We set-up an appointment for hair & make-up with only the best artists! Make sure that you wear loose clothing; nothing is worse than having elastic lines on your skin once the robe comes off. Any waxing should be done 7 days prior to the shoot. 3. Your skin will glow just because you're gorgeous; don't you dare touch the fake bake. Seriously, don't touch the tube of brown goop, I don't care how you think you look with it on--it photographs orange normally!

boudoir photo of woman laying in bed   intimate black and white image of a woman

 4. Bring outfit options & accessories. Just because you'll be minimally dressed doesn't mean you cannot accessorize. 3-5 outfits is ideal. Mix up the collection, something sweet, something sexy, something traditional. Don't forget a great pair of heels! They've been making lets look great for decades.

woman wears husband's button down shirt   woman wears husband's button down shirt looks at camera   woman lays on couch wears husband's button down shirt

5. Bring a playlist/iPod with you. Put together something that gets you moving and happy!

detail photo of cuffs and thigh-highs woman lounging on the bed with feet up behind her

6. Bring a friend. They don't have to sit in the room with you, but having someone else encouraging you is always a mood booster.

woman laying in sheets

7. That awkward pose I just told you to do, DO IT. Everyone prefers to have only one chin, skinny arm, and an hourglass figure, that's why I study posing. Trust me when I coach you into a pose!

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