1. Coffee is life. Counter Culture coffee is my favorite!
  2. I have NO poker face. If I think it, I usually say it, if I don't speak it...my face says it. 
  3. I am a serial entreprenur. The sentence, 'I had an idea...' comes out of my mouth about three times a week.  I own The Hosptiable Welcome, co-own another investment, and do marketing consulting. 
  4. I went to college for Historic Preservation and Community Planning. My last semester of senior year, my advisor took notice of my film photography work I was using to prove what we were drafting and suggested I take a photography class; I laughed at him and told him no way. 9 months later, I dove into photography as my career. Thanks Barry Stiefel. 
  5. You should know that its a good possibility that I will dance during your reception, camera in hand, and with a questionable skill set. Shh, just let it happen.
  6. If I were a Disney character, I would be Maleficent. 
  7. I will never miss out on a glass of bubbly! Mimosa date anyone?!
  8. My dog is my child; Hampton is an adopted yorkie who looks a little funny thanks to some puppy-mill breeding. (See below.)
  9. When I turn 30 this year, I'm having a full out Carry-Bradshaw-Birthday, wedding-style reception for myself. Single girls unite!?
  10. I firmly believe that womens' clothing should always have pockets. 


About Hampton


Meet Sir Phineas Hampton. Yea, he has three names...

Moving along... Hampton is a 8 year old Yorkie. Yes, most Yorkies grow out of their puppy coloring, but Hamp is special. He's my 7 lb. puppy-mill-rescue, who I got as a puppy. My mother has his brother, Rhett, from the same litter, who's twice Hampton's size and looks more like a schnauzer; some late night hanky-panky must have been going on…

If Hampton could talk, he'd have the thought process of Stewie, from Family Guy. Opposable thumbs would behoove him so he could stroke his beard while he plots to take over the humans. He stands up on his hind legs for belly rubs. Bless his sweet, odd, soul.

The many names of Hampton: Papoose, Hamp, Hambonious, Poosie-poo, Baby Hampton, Sir Phineas