Meet Stefanie

A preservationist to my core, I have a degree in Historic Preservation & Community Planning, since I was a small child, I've cherished our family's photos and the stories attached to each image.

When I was little, my most cherished memory was sitting in my grandmother’s lap and looking through old photos of our family. Hearing her recount the stories of their weddings, the number of their children, her favorite memories of her grandmother, and realizing that I was a product of all of the people before me made a big impression on my young mind.

From Charlotte to Charleston, home is where the heart is. Available for International travel.  

You might be like me, from a BIG Southern family, one who is very proud of their heritage; maybe your grandmother can recount each face in those faded photos the same way that mine still can, or maybe most of your family has passed on, but no matter the case, you remain and you carry their story forward. And as you prepare for your wedding day, you’re preparing to write a new story.

Even after photographing over 100 weddings, the idea that I’m capturing someone’s first family heirlooms is still not lost on me. I want to squeeze the photographer's neck who grabbed the 10 photos of my grandparent's wedding day; they have developed such a legacy, and those images are a hallmark of that. I want to do that for other people.

 Lauren Rosenau Photography

Lauren Rosenau Photography


sMm Photography exists so that we can create heirlooms that testify to future generations of a commitment to love and a whole lot of hard work for a legacy.


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