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Weddings do not begin and end on the wedding day. Your wedding is the union of two people who create a new story which never stops evolving. Wedding photography is more than those first moments captured, it is the creation of your family’s first heirlooms that can be looked back on throughout your journey. Long after your wedding dress stopped fitting quite as well, or your husband started wearing readers around his neck 24-7, your grandchildren can still sense the emotions of your day as they gently flip through the pages of your wedding album.



About Stefanie, Destination Wedding Photographer

 Lauren Rosenau Photography

Lauren Rosenau Photography


I'm Stefanie

A preservationist to my core, I have a degree in Historic Preservation & Community Planning, since I was a small child, I've cherished our family's photos and the stories attached to each image.

Even after photographing over 100 weddings, the idea that I’m capturing someone’s first family heirlooms is still not lost on me. I want to squeeze the photographer's neck who grabbed the 10 photos of my grandparent's wedding day; they have developed such a legacy, and those images are a hallmark of that. I want to do that for other people.

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